Conference Schedule

Here’s a peek into the 24 hours that make up this conference.


3-5:00 pm– The leadership and worship teams arrive at the camp to set up and prepare.

Girls and mentors meet at designated pick-up locations to carpool to the camp.

6-7:00 pm — Arrival and check-in Finalize registration; find your mentor group; unload luggage

7:00 pm– Supper Menu for Friday’s meal usually includes pizza, veggies and other delicious food

8:00 pm — Session 1 Get-to-know you games, worship and teaching

9:00 pm — Mentor group time Sharing and prayer with your mentor group

10:00 pm– Free Time Snacks, games and hang out time

Midnight — Lights Out


8:00 am — Breakfast Coffee Bar provided by Kalona Coffee House opens

9:00 am — Session 2 Worship and teaching

The group is split by grades (jr. high & high school) for the teaching portion of session 2

11:00 am — Mentor group time

12:00 pm — Lunch Menu always includes homemade bread and homemade angel food cake with fruit/whipped topping for dessert

Coffee Bar opens again after lunch

Room clean up

1:00 pm — Craft Time

2:00 pm — Session 3 Worship, teaching and prayer time

To wrap up the weekend the leadership and prayer teams pray over each individual girl

We take a group picture as the session ends

4:30 pm — Load up to head home

5:15 pm — Pick-up at designated locations


Highlights of the Weekend for the Leadership Team

  • Watching the girls discover their identity in Christ
  • Delicious, homemade food and coffee drinks
  • The privilege of praying over each girl at the close of the conference, and being amazed at how the Holy Spirit leads us to pray for and connect with the girls in this way