Conference Schedule

This schedule is changing this year, because we are changing up the conference, due to the pandemic. We are moving to a one day conference for 2021, with the hope that we can go back to our regular schedule in 2022. 


8:00 am — Mentor Meeting/Final Set-up

9:00-9:45 am — Registration/Check-in (We will have donuts and the coffee bar available during this time)

9:45 am — Intro to the Conference and the Leadership Team/Drawings; Worship

10:30 am — Session 1

11:15 am — Small Groups

12:00 pm — Group photo and then Lunch

1:00 pm — Games and Recognizing the Seniors

2:00 pm — Drawings; Worship

2:45 pm — Session 2

3:30 pm — Prayer time over each individual

4:00 pm — Small Groups

4:30 pm — Worship

5:00 pm — Time to go home!



Highlights of the Weekend for the Leadership Team

  • Watching the girls discover their identity in Christ
  • Delicious, homemade food and coffee drinks
  • The privilege of praying over each girl at the close of the conference, and being amazed at how the Holy Spirit leads us to pray for and connect with the girls in this way