Restore Leadership Team

Wanda Stutzman



I am a country girl, in love with my farmer husband. My husband and I are youth pastors at Cornerstone Community Church. I love being a mom to our 4 children. I love stories of redemption, long talks over caramel lattes, and I am passionate about young people finding their identity in Jesus.



Chantelle Gingerich

Registration & Lodging Coordinator


I love to follow Jesus…good journey all around!  I am married to an amazing man and we are having lots of fun discovering how to be parents to our son Tucker Dean.  I love to have a good laugh…it often comes from just being around my husband!  Reading and learning about God, people and concepts are some of my favorite things!  I also love beauty!  So anything with creating beauty or observing God making things/people beautiful is a definite favorite! 


Ashleigh Nelson

Mentor Coordinator


I’m a daughter of the King, wife of my hunky husband Steve, and mom to our four wonderful children. I’ve been a Christian all my life, but feel like I’ve just discovered the true gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time! I enjoy encouraging others to find freedom and victory in Jesus and am passionate about the good news of salvation! I love teaching from God’s Word and getting people fired up about the Gospel. Jesus is where it’s at y’all!!!


ERica Hostetler

Operations Coordinator


I am Iowa born and raised, and love this small Midwest community. The roots I’ve put down here have anchored me as I have followed the Lord around the world, getting to experience Jesus at work through the global Church. Because of those experiences I am passionate about seeing the Gospel spread to EVERY people group, and about encouraging the local Church to participate in that mission. I love digging deep into Scripture, and my favorite thing is when someone experiences a “lightbulb moment” as they encounter the Lord through His Word. 


Amber Schwartz

Worship Leader


I am from Kalona, IA where I was born and raised. I am in love with Jesus and my passion is to worship Him with, and through, everything I do. I love music and I love that God gave us music to be used for worship, healing, and restoration. Aside from music, I love coffee, shopping, camping, puppies, sushi, and being with people.



Essential Conference staff

Dorcas Potsander

Prayer Team Coordinator


I am Dorcas. I am married to the love of my life, Jacob. I work as a nurse, and I’m so grateful for that opportunity! I love connecting with people one on one over coffee and hearing what God is doing in the hearts and lives of His children. I love living life and finding the ways God speaks to me and shows me His heart through the little things.