“I had my first encounter with God as a junior in high school at a weekend Girls Conference. Throughout the weekend they were focusing on the book of Ephesians with the idea of how we are God’s masterpiece. The weekend really opened my eyes to who God is and why I want to follow Him. I reflected a lot in Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.” This verse really stood out to me and made me realize how we are each uniquely His! This is when I started making my faith my own.”
Jenna M., 18


 “Restore Conference has done wonders for my spiritual life! Walking into the weekend, with my already busy schedule, I had an attitude of, “I should be at home doing something productive.” But God didn’t put me at this conference for no reason or to just fill up my schedule. He put me here to fill me and restore me. The amount of prayer that ladies put into this weekend is unimaginable! I also would not hesitate to say that the reason why my walk with God was changed was because of the prayer warriors. We had a speaker who talked about the battle to fight and putting on your new self. I truly have never felt God speaking through a person the way he spoke through her. Let me tell you, I hope I never forget the feeling of goosebumps down my arm while the worship team played or the feeling of praying and knowing God is not only hearing me but He is genuinely listening. Restore is a big part of my spiritual life but also was SO much fun! We had a blast the entire time! So much laughter and relationships were built! I would suggest the Restore Conference to all teenage girls!!”
Audrey Y., 16



“I have a great time at Restore every time I go. It is so great to be surrounded by other girls who are believers, and it has really helped me grow in Christ.
Hannah, 13



“Each year I have enjoyed my time at Restore. The speakers bring something new that I take back with me,  and the relationships and memories made from attending will always stick with me. Restore is a great place for young girls to discover what peace and love look like from our God.
Avery, 18